Easy Ways To Quickly Potty Train Your Toddler

Is your child beginning to show signs they are ready to ditch those diapers and start using the potty? Even if you have potty trained a toddler before, each child reacts differently to using the potty and moves at their own pace when adjusting to this new milestone. Parents should look for certain signs their child is ready, such as wanting to use the potty like mom and dad, being unhappy with a wet diaper, and showing interest in what a potty is.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the easiest ways a parent can quickly potty train their toddler now.

Let Them Watch And Learn


Before you become fully involved in the potty training process, parents should start to bring their child into the bathroom with them so they understand what happens in there. Assuming your child will just be able to head to the bathroom and sit down on the potty without confusion or fear could hamper your ability to potty train quickly and effectively. Parents should ensure their child is involved in the process by talking to them about what is going on and making sure they understand what using the potty is all about. Parents can also have other family members involved in this step. Sometimes younger children will want to be like their older siblings, and heading to the bathroom with them to let them watch and learn is beneficial for helping the situation.

Next, discover the signs parents should be aware of that indicate their child is ready to conquer the potty.