How To Treat A Baby For Diaper Rash: 8 Easy Steps

Diaper rash appears on the skin of babies near the genital area or the buttocks underneath the diaper. It is common in children and infants under the age of two; however, diaper rash can also occur in adults who wear diapers. Diaper rash usually occurs at least once during the first three years of life. It is especially common in the months after solid foods are introduced because food changes the acidity of bowel movements and may cause skin irritation in babies who spend most of their time sitting. Follow these steps to treat diaper rash.

8. Know The Cause

The first step to treating diaper rash is to know what type of rash has occurred. A yeast rash is characterized by small, raised, bright red pimples that radiate outwards. Yeast rashes also tend to develop red patches in the crease and folds of the skin. A bacterial infection may be characterized by yellow or discolored bumps filled with pus or fluid. They tend to be crusted over on the area near the baby’s bum. Rashes that form due to irritation from urine and fecal matter are usually confined to underneath the diaper area.