Serious Postpartum Complications Women Can Face

Postpartum Complications

There are numerous complications women can face after giving birth. However, heart-related problems, such as cardiovascular disease and heart failure, is the leading cause of maternal death in the United States. According to recent data, cardiovascular problems account for more than a quarter of these deaths. Other serious complications include pre-eclampsia, which is pregnancy-related high blood pressure, and blood clots in the lungs and other parts of the body also contribute to maternal deaths. Other complications include postpartum infections, including uterine, bladder, or kidney, excessive bleeding after delivery, pain in the perineal area, discharge, swollen breasts and clogged ducts, hemorrhoids and constipation, as well as postpartum depression. To learn more about postpartum depression, another significant health issue women deal with post-pregnancy, read Postpartum Depression Causes and Symptoms.

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