Signs Your Child Is Stressed & How To Help Them Cope

Sources Of Stress


Stress can affect anyone who feels overwhelmed due to certain situations that arise, even children. For instance, in preschoolers and younger children, separation from their parents or caretakers can cause great anxiety, also known as separation anxiety. As children age, academic and social pressures, especially when they are just trying to fit in and belong and even figure out who they are, can create stressful situations. Another common source of stress is many kids today are too busy or overwhelmed with the amount or type of extracurricular activities they participant in, and therefore feel like they do not have enough time after school to play creatively or relax. Overscheduling kids can happen, and the best bet for parents is to talk to their kids about their activities and how they feel about them. If they complain, try discussing the positive and negative attributes of the activity and either eliminate it or explore ways you can help manage your child’s responsibilities and time to lessen their anxiety.

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