Why Rich Kids Are More Likely To Have Mental Health Problems

The opportunity to ride in private jets, wear 18k solid gold Rolexes, and live in lavish homes is enough to make people jealous of privileged youth who flaunt their lives on social media. Because of the luxurious lifestyle they lead, these rich children may seem like they have no care in the world. However, behind the smiles and wealth, there are serious behavioural, emotional, and social problems. According to Labour peer David Puttnam, children of affluent parents may be as disadvantaged and distressed as low-income families. Here is why mental health problems are common among children of the super rich.

The Growing Problem With Rich Children


Puttnam explains that there are different types of deprivation. Whereas children in low-income families may be deprived of financial resources, wealthy children have low mental well-being. In an interview, he noted that “It’s a mistake to think that deprivation exists only with the very poorest in society. Many people will find this a totally counter-intuitive ‘first world’ problem – but check with the principals of many of our most expensive schools and most desirable universities, and you will hear the same story: mental wellbeing is a significant and growing problem.” Many wealthy children suffer from the pressure of having parents who have planned their lives from day one. As a result, they often feel unhappy and isolated and are at risk for developing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse problems.