10 Reasons You Could Be Denied For Health Insurance

The recent passage of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has ensured that Americans cannot be denied health insurance for pre-existing conditions. However, there are still many reasons that people can be denied health insurance coverage. There is even an exception to the rule that Americans cannot be denied for pre-existing conditions. This article will provide information about ten reasons that an application for health insurance may be denied. Those planning to apply for health insurance would be smart to educate themselves as much as possible about the current health insurance situation. To learn more about health insurance denials, read on.

Yearly Income May Be Above Allowed Levels

Those applying for certain government-administered health insurance plans like Medicare or Medicaid can be rejected if their income is above a certain level. How much income Americans can have and still qualify for these plans depends on some different factors. There is a sliding scale that increases or decreases depending on how many children are in the family. For example, a family that has three children can earn more money and still qualify for medical care, over a family with one child. The base numbers on the scale change year to year, so families are advised to check this information on a regular basis.