10 Reasons You Could Be Denied For Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the more unique and essential forms of insurance. Unlike other types of insurance, the person who takes out a life insurance policy will not financially gain from it, as the plan is paid to their chosen beneficiaries and is paid out upon their death. However, insurance companies are not charities. They will not award life insurance to everyone, especially those who could be dead soon after taking out a policy as that would put their business at risk. Here are ten reasons one could be denied a life insurance policy.


One will not be denied life insurance based on drinking alone, but the body reveals things one might not want to admit to an insurance provider. Chronic drinkers and alcoholics are more likely to have a positive alcohol marker based on the quality (or lack thereof) of their liver. Since this is something that is detrimental to one's health and puts them at risk for dying sooner than others, insurance providers are unlikely to provide a policy for these individuals. Those who are dealing with alcoholism and wanting to take out a life insurance policy should refrain from applying until they have adequately become sober.