27 Bizarre Home Remedies That Actually Work

Whether suffering from cuts and bruises or a massive migraine, our first instinct is usually to go see a doctor or go to the pharmacy to pick up a plethora of drugs. However, home remedies should not be discounted and are much more convenient than waiting for hours to see a doctor or paying large sums of money for prescription drugs. Next time you come down with something on this list, consider looking around your home for these natural fixes.

Treat Arthritis With Boozy Golden Raisins

Soaking golden raisins in gin to fight inflammatory arthritis is a long known natural remedy that many people swear by. Research in Sweden has also shown that modern drinkers showed a slower progression of joint damage in comparison to non-drinkers. The juniper berries used to make gin contain vitamin C, catechins, limonene and a number of other anti-inflammatory compounds. Golden raisins, also known as sultanas are full of antioxidants and vitamins while containing known pain relievers ferulic acid and salicylic acid. Soak the raisins in gin in a shallow bowl. Once the alcohol has evaporated which usually takes up to one week, eat 10 of the raisins a day to begin to relieve arthritis pain.