5 Easy And Effective Ways To Heal A Muscle Strain At Home

Muscle strains result from light damage to muscles and their tendons. When muscles are used to perform everyday activities, they become fatigued and susceptible to overstretching or tearing. Both short periods of excessive activity and long periods of gradual overuse can produce muscle strains. Symptoms of a muscle strain include weakness in the muscle, swelling or bruising, pain when using the muscle, pain when resting the muscle, and an inability to use the muscle at all.

Here are some easy and effective ways to heal a muscle strain at home.

Take Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicine


Taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, can reduce pain and inflammation from a muscle strain and increase range of motion. However, individuals who take blood thinners or have a history of kidney disease or gastrointestinal bleeding should not take these drugs. Alternatives to ibuprofen or naproxen include pain killers, such as acetaminophen. Acetaminophen can reduce pain and increase range of motion but may not reduce inflammation. It is important to avoid mixing different types of medication unless instructed to do so by a doctor. Because medications can interact in unexpected ways, mixing them can have serious health consequences.

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