5 Foods That Are Making You Sleepy

Certain foods and beverages promote energy, while others will cause one to search for the nearest spot to take a nap. While many people know about the “turkey coma” (that it is quite common to feel exhausted after a heavy meal), many are unaware that it is not just large meals that cause exhaustion midday; seemingly healthy foods can cause drowsiness too. It turns out there are a variety of unexpected nutritious foods that diminish energy. If tiredness has been occurring after meals, consider limiting these five foods during the day.

Sad Salads

Penchant for Produce

Even though salads seem like the healthier option, some salads include a measly a helping of iceberg lettuce, some shaved carrots and Ranch dressing. Loading a bowl with vegetables and skipping protein and carbs will not provide enough calories to power the body through the rest of the day. If one consumes a small 200-calorie serving of vegetables, it is not enough calories to provide the body with the sufficient energy to remain active until the end of the day. Additionally, choice of dressing could be adding to the issue. Some dressings such as honey mustard or raspberry vinaigrette are high in added sugar, so consuming foods like these will lead to an energy crash later. It is recommended to try a base salad consisting of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cucumber or peppers and leafy greens like kale or spinach, then adding protein such as chicken or chickpeas that will provide slow-burning energy for the body. As for the dressing, try an extra virgin olive oil with salt and pepper as well as vinegar or lemon juice.