5 Healthy Things That Can Actually Be Deadly

In an age of instant video and information sharing, there are many tips available on how to live a healthy life and what to consume in a diet. Some people take to extraordinary lengths to sustain a healthy body and mind. Living healthier can involve changing diet or taking various supplements or even taking up an exercise or physical hobby. Unknown to many, some ‘healthy’ practices can be extremely harmful to a human if they are overdone or not practiced correctly. Check out these five healthy things that could kill a person if best-practices are not followed. Always consult a specialist before changing diet, exercise, or supplement plans.

Neti Pot

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This homeopathic remedy has been used for centuries and involves flushing out the sinuses using water. Many people use this as a method to relieve allergies, sinus problems, or the common cold. In 2011, two separate individuals died after using this method with contaminated tap water in Louisiana, and this was due to the presence of bacteria within the water. Sanitized water mixed saline solution, which usually comes with a Neti pot, is the preferred method of using this device. Never share a Neti pot and always make sure they are well cleaned to avoid this type of bacterial infection. Many also advise that individuals do not overuse the Neti pot and recommend that it should only be used for one to three weeks at a time.