5 “Healthy” Things That Can Kill You

There are some individuals who humbly take pride in their healthy lifestyle and achievements. There are also a select few who flaunt this lifestyle with an arrogance that insinuates they are better than others for their healthy lifestyle choices. What these people may not know is that their supposed “healthy” habits are doing more damage than they think. It is easy enough to copy a healthy diet that worked for someone else or jump into an exercise routine as seen on YouTube, but without professional guidance, these things might not have the expected result. Everything in life needs a balance, even what is perceived as healthy.

Neti Pot

CBS News

A commonly used technique to unclog sinuses is to inhale steam, either unscented or by adding eucalyptus leaves for additional relief. This method has been used for centuries and it can be very effective. However, as harmless as it may seem, inhaling water vapor can actually cause a great deal of damage to the body. In recent years, two people in Louisiana died from using tap water in their neti pots without the knowledge that the water contained a deadly, brain-eating ameba. If a person insists on the use of a neti pot to relieve sinus congestion, they should take the necessary precautions and use clean, filtered water only.