Facts Everyone Should Know About Probiotics And Gut Health

Many daily rituals contribute to the degeneration of digestive health, and this could be due to lack of knowledge, resources, or even medicines and supplements such as probiotics. Beyond taking a probiotic supplement, eating yogurt, and consuming fermented foods, there is a lot more to know about proper digestive health care. Here are essential things everyone needs to understand about digestive health and probiotics. Many of these facts are truly valuable in keeping digestive health regular and maintaining optimal health.

Probiotics Should Be Alive When Consumed


Live, or active, bacteria, known as cultures, refer to the microorganisms found within probiotics such as yogurt. When consumed, live cultures can provide an antibiotic-like treatment while regulating digestive health and potentially boosting the immune system. Checking labels to ensure the bacteria are live within yogurt or other products, as well as exploring manufacturers scientific studies that will back up their health claims, should be one of the first steps when choosing a probiotic. Probiotic bacteria also lasts different lengths of time within the body and studies have shown the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 can survive for up to eight days after consuming it rather than just hours like some of its counterparts. Even freeze-dried probiotic products are useful, as the bacteria will go into a hibernation-like state until thawed out in the stomach.

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J. Findlay