6 Key Grocery Shopping Mistakes Nutritionists Want You To Stop Making

Many grocery shoppers stick to steadfast rules, such as buying seasonal produce, avoiding foods with too many preservatives and chemicals, and being aware of the sugar and fat content of products. However, several consumers continue to buy foods that unknowingly compromise their health. To help shoppers understand what to buy and what to avoid, nutritionist Maria Marlowe recently published a book called The Real Food Grocery Guide. In it, she shares six of the most common mistakes healthy people make when buying groceries.

Purchasing Skim Milk Instead Of Whole Milk

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The Circulation Medical Journal analyzed the blood results of 3,333 adults over fifteen years and found that participants who ate more full-fat dairy byproducts had, on average, a forty-six percent lower chance of developing diabetes. The study concluded that there is no potential evidence that humans who consume low-fat dairy products are any healthier than those who consume full-fat dairy products. A different study published in the American Journal of Nutrition concluded that women who consume full-fat dairy products could reduce their risk of obesity by around eight percent. These studies show that it is wrong to assume that skim milk is healthier than whole milk. According to Marlowe, organic, full-fat milk is the best milk to buy.