9 Common Mistakes That Damage Your Teeth

A white and healthy smile seems evermore desirable these days, with Americans spending $1.4 billion on at home whitening products in the year 2015 alone. Many people who crave this look are unwittingly doing damage to their teeth in some way. Teeth are slowly damaged through many everyday practices, either by eroding the enamel on the teeth or by allowing plaque buildup. Here are nine of the most common mistakes people will make in their oral-hygiene routine, or the general treatment of their teeth, that will contribute to damage that can be permanent.

Brushing Too Hard

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Brushing too hard can eventually erode the enamel on the teeth which leaves them vulnerable to staining, and it is important to recognize the appropriate strength in which to brush the teeth. Stains or sugary drinks can force individuals to brush harder than they need to and this can be very damaging. Using a softer toothbrush and a 45-degree angle while brushing can help to protect valuable enamel on the teeth. There are kinds of toothpaste on the market that change colour when in contact with the plaque in the mouth and these are recommended by many because they can show a person exactly where to brush. Brushing the teeth too often can have the same damaging effects on enamel as brushing the teeth too hard. Although brushing the teeth wrong can be harmful, it pales in comparison to the next entry in this slideshow.