DIY: Make Your Own Natural All-Purpose Soap

It is essential to wash our hands and maintain proper hand hygiene, but many don’t think about the ingredients in the soaps they use. There are many harmful chemicals in many of the conventional hand soaps countless individuals. The warm water individuals use to wash their hands opens up their pores, allowing more of the toxins to seep into their bloodstream. As a result, we have prepared a recipe for individuals to make their own natural hand and dish soap that allows individuals to wash their hands without chemicals.

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The Natural Chemical To Add To Soap


There are many harmful chemicals in many of the branded dish soaps and liquid hand soaps most individuals use and love. However, there is an alternative that has been used for centuries, and many individuals probably have a box of it under their sink or in one of their cupboards. Borax has been the natural go-to chemical over the years in many detergents, cosmetics, and natural insecticides. Individuals should check to see if borax is right for them before adding it to their soap, though, as it has been reported some individuals with sensitive skin may get mild skin irritation from the use of borax. Individuals should also keep in mind although borax is a natural chemical, it is not safe to ingest and may cause nausea and gastrointestinal upset. Borax is listed as a poison on the box, but only toxic in high levels, the same as salt or baking soda.

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