Heart Attack Warning Signs In Women

When most individuals – both men and women – think of a heart attack, they tend to think of shooting pain in the chest that causes a person to clutch their chest and fall to the floor. While this does indicate a heart attack, it is more common to see this type in men. The signs of a heart attack present themselves differently in women. Furthermore, because not many understand that the symptoms are different, women are more likely to suffer permanent damage or death from a heart attack than men. Women are also less likely to see treatment than men for a variety of reasons, including taking care of others instead or downplaying the symptoms. Thus, it is critical to understand the warning signs of a heart attack in women. 

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Discomfort In The Chest

Yes, women can also experience chest pain as a sign of a heart attack. However, chest pain may also appear as chest discomfort in women, as it may not be sharp pain and may feel like an uncomfortable amount of pressure, squeezing, or a feeling of fullness in the center of the chest. The chest discomfort will either last for longer than a few minutes or go away and return relatively quickly (e.g., brief discomfort one day followed by further discomfort a month later is not a heart attack). Women should also note their chest discomfort can be mild and may not be sudden.

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