Sure Signs You Have A Relationship Built To Last

You believe you’ve found ‘the one’; the love of your life, the only person you want to build a life with, the one who shares your dreams and supports your personal and professional goals. Naturally, you want your relationship to last and withstand any obstacles life throws at you two lovebirds, right? If so, look for these definite signs and qualities the right partner for you should possess to keep your relationship strong, stable, and thriving!

You Have Mutual Respect

No relationship can thrive – or even survive for that matter – without mutual respect for each other. No explanation is truly necessary, but where there is no respect, there is no love. Respect includes being receptive and respecting your significant other’s emotions, opinions, autonomy, and life goals, which are fundamental elements for a lasting, and more importantly, healthy relationship. Respect is the very foundation for creating honesty, trust, friendship, intimacy, and love for your partner, which all grows from it. As the golden rule states, “treat others the way you would want to be treated.” To put it simply, respect your partner the way you want them to respect you. If you have no respect for each other and your mental and physical well-being, how do you expect to thrive as a couple? You can’t, hence why respect is the primary element of every solid, long-lasting relationship.

Keep reading to discover another building block to a long-lasting relationship.