Summer-Proof Your Skin With 5 Natural Tips To Make You Glow

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt gorgeous skin. There is nothing like the warm weather and abundant sunshine to brighten anyone’s mood, but the best accessory to any summer outfit is healthy and radiant skin. Although sweat and makeup are a recipe for disaster when it comes to fighting bacteria, it does not have to ruin the summer. Give winter skin a refresher from dry and dull to a vibrant and glowing shade with these five natural tips.

Put Self-Care Before Social Media

Many people complain they have no time to take care of themselves; however, these are likely the same people who waste all of their free time browsing social media. Take a breather from scrolling through toxic web posts and spend the day doing something active. Instead of texting, try reading a book or going for a walk. Putting down the phone for a few hours for a massage or soak in a tub full of essential oils does wonders for tired, dull skin.