10 Best Nutrition Tips Ever

9. Be Mindful Of What You Drink

Fruit juice
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Far too many individuals are drinking their weight in calories due to excessive soda, high-sugar juice, and energy drink consumption. These drinks cause blood sugar to skyrocket and in turn, insulin is released. Although this is a natural process within the human body, fluctuating levels on a regular basis are not. This is contributing to rising rates of diabetes and weight-related health issues.

Soda does not provide your body with any nutrients, it is simply empty calories. Diet drink choices have been shown throughout a number of studies to be even worse for your health. This is due to the addition of potentially cancer-causing artificial sweeteners. Get into the habit of drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. Moderate black coffee consumption has been shown to yield a number of health benefits as well. If you enjoy juice, start making freshly squeezed varieties at home, incorporating a wide range of fruits and vegetables. To keep the sugar content down, it’s recommended you manage your intake to include 75 percent vegetables and 25 percent fruit.

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