Bizarre Cultural Foods You Won’t Find In Your Local Restaurant

9. Stinkheads

Fermented fish
© Woravit Vijitpanya | Dreamstime Stock Photos

From Alaska, this bizarre cultural food was named for a reason…they stink! Stinkheads are fermented fish heads that produce a nauseating smell. Fermentation is a preservation process that can prevent the rapid rate of spoilage. However, this process has been associated with the spike in E.coli outbreaks in Alaska in the mid-eighties. But, this does not seem to stop many who are addicted to the taste of stinkheads.

The salmon heads are placed in a cloth sack and buried in a barrel underground for about a week. Once dug out of the ground, they are simply mashed with a fork and served as is. The smell may be terrible, but it doesn’t seem to bother those who love the taste.

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