10 Foods that Detox Your Body

The most vital organ responsible for filtering and detoxifying the blood is your liver. What you consume comes from the digestive system and eventually filters through the liver. It is the liver that decides what is beneficial and what isn’t. There are certain foods that assist the liver to detoxify your body properly. These detoxifying foods help the body and mind function well, helping to eliminate cancer causing free radicals. With many of the foods listed here, they are not only easy for the liver to break down but they also help break down toxins and eliminate them from your body. Finding foods that detox the body as well as staying away from foods that turn into toxins will keep both the body and mind functioning the way it should.

10. Artichokes

Market Organic Artichokes
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Artichokes assist the liver to function at an optimum. When the liver is working well, it helps the body get rid of toxins. They allow the liver to create more bile which assists in breaking food down. The more food is broken down, the easier it is to utilize the nutrients inside.

Artichokes are also filled with fiber, magnesium, protein and potassium. They help you stay regular, boost your mood and allow the liver to function properly