10 Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Ever wonder why health experts are always pushing brown rice? Such a little change in your diet can impart some great health benefits. Brown rice is a whole grain that contains the husk of the grain; not just the starchy middle like white rice. This whole grain contains a lot of beneficial nutrients that are great for your health. Here is a list of 10 health benefits derived from eating brown rice.

 Gluten-free Treat

Brown rice
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Brown rice is a great gluten-free carbohydrate. This is wonderful news not only for individuals suffering from celiac disease, which is an allergy to gluten, but also for individuals who are sensitive to gluten.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Brown rice does not contain any gluten, therefore, it will not lead to inflammation, intestinal destruction, and numerous other side effects in people who are affected by gluten. Brown rice is quite good for the intestinal tract of everyone as it contains fiber and phytonutrients (nutrients from plants) that contribute to the health of the gut and the body.