Strange Effects Of A Sustained Running Routine

Running is a great way to clear the mind and destress from effects of everyday life. For those who have trouble falling asleep, running can be a sleep aid by sending the body into a state of exhaustion. Running also stimulates parts of the brain which is responsible for releasing chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which create feel-good sensations. These feel-good vibes can contribute to higher self-esteem and a feeling of an overall confidence boost. If sleeping well and an improved mood are not enough to convey the numerous benefits of running, adding burning massive calories to the list will do the trick.

While there are plenty of benefits that are achieved by a regular running routine, there are also a few odd changes that the body goes through that take some time to get used to. Runners that have just started a new routine will notice the body has a strange way of adjusting to long-term running. Though the changes are not life-threatening, here are ten weird things that happen while running.

Racer’s Cough

Runners can experience something known as racer’s cough, but it not a sign of poor health. Marathon runners and even those who have set the treadmill to high speed for the first time may exhibit racer’s cough. This cough does not imitate that of a flu cough but is the result of the increased contraction of muscles that line the lungs. One may also develop a cough when running for long periods in humid and cold environments. Those who suffer from asthma experience a similar condition. Excessive running when one first starts a running routine is the ideal condition to develop the racer’s cough, but covering the mouth with a piece of fabric such as a light scarf can provide some relief.