Foods To Forever Remove From The Fridge And The Mind

When trying to eat healthily, one of the hardest things to do is to clean out the house and get rid of foods that will derail your plan. There are always temptations to eat something that's tasty but isn't necessarily all that beneficial. That's why one of the best ways to ensure you eat clean as much as possible is to purge the cupboards and the fridge. Here's a good list of some foods to remove from your fridge, and what you can use as a substitute.

Forget About Flavored Yogurt


One of the biggest problems in the dairy industry is how many perceive flavored yogurt as being a healthy choice. Unfortunately, these products might as well be called Fruity Flavored Sugar Bombs. They are literally laced with so much sugar that you might as well freebase it into your veins. But don't. Instead, choose probiotic plain, natural yogurt. It might taste a bit bitter at first, but it can be sweetened with a touch of fresh local honey. This will reduce the number of sugars being consumed, while also supporting gut health, and improving personal immunity.