4 Surprisingly Common Treatments And Activities That Damage Digestive Health

The digestive system works to break down food into vital energy as well as expelling waste from the body. Many practices that are commonplace in modern society are harmful to digestive health within the human body. Also, people who are under or overweight will experience digestive problems more frequently than those who maintain a healthy weight. Digestive health is critical to the process of achieving optimum health because the digestive system is essential in maintaining good body function and health. Here are four of the most common but surprising things that will negatively impact digestive health.


Every time a course of antibiotics is taken it will kill the majority of bacteria, good and bad, within the stomach and bowels. Antibiotics are damaging to the digestive system because the gut bacteria that fights yeast growth has been lowered and the levels of bacteria and yeast have become unbalanced. Higher levels of yeast mean that the body will shift its metabolic functions to satisfy the fungus growing within the digestive system. After taking a course of antibiotics, many people will undergo a two or three-day program that involves consuming probiotics, fermented foods, or bone broth to restore the balance of the digestive system within the body. Experts claim that too many people (specifically Americans) take antibiotics to prevent viral infection and this can contribute significantly to a decline in gut health. Only use these types of treatments when truly necessary.