Reasons Why Your Weight Is Really Just A Number

When one finds themselves on a path to lose weight, they tend to focus on the number they see on the scale, not considering other things. It is common with younger people to compare how much they weigh, ignoring other aspects such as body shape, lifestyle, diet, etc. A number on the scale is exactly that: just a number. It is wrong to assume it as the guidance of a person’s weight loss journey. Here are five reasons not to be fooled by numbers.

What Is BMI?


Some are aware that they should not compare themselves with someone who is shorter or taller than themselves and instead, use BMI as their guide. BMI refers to Body Mass Index which measures someone’s body fat based on their weight and height. Although it is useful, it is not advisable to be considered on its own. What is considered the “normal” range score for an individual, might not be normal for another, based on other aspects such as muscles and possible health issues. Fat is not the only substance that can cause a person to put on weight. Therefore it is not unusual to see an individual with a high BMI score who is not necessarily overweight.