Delicious Foods That Give You Good Breath

What’s more embarrassing than bad breath? Not too much, if you ask individuals who have been caught in a situation where someone else noticed their bad breath. What makes it worse, is it is often hard for some individuals to determine precisely when they have bad breath, unless they take pains to smell their breath regularly, which many do not do. Many say brushing and flossing daily is the best way to keep bad breath at bay, though it's important to note bad breath can also be the result of poor digestive health. There are plenty of options in the health care aisle that can help keep an individual's breath fresh, but there are also plenty of great food options. Learn about these now.

Sugarless Gum


We all chew gum at one time or another for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to contribute to keeping our breath fresh, at least temporarily by masking the odor. Spearmint or peppermint gum, perhaps the most popular varieties out there, are best for this, though cinnamon sugarless gum is also helpful. Peppermint is perhaps the most well-known way to get rid of bad breath, hence why it is often used to flavor toothpaste, and has thus made its way into gum. Chewing gum also helps increase the production and flow of saliva, which is essential to wash away the germs that often result in bad breath.

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Rick T