7 Poisonous Foods You Are Probably Eating

When you think of poison, you probably associate the word with toxic chemicals and skull warning labels. While focusing on the true definition of a poison, it's simply a substance that has the ability to make you ill or cause death when absorbed or consumed. If you look at some of the ingredients in our modern day food supply, you'll notice that some common foods can be considered poisonous — they have the ability to make you ill and encourage fatal diseases to develop. Avoid the following 7 commonly consumed foods.

7. Sport Drinks


You may think that you're refueling, topping up on electrolytes, but sport drinks within America contain some harsh chemicals. All the major name brands use brominate vegetable oil in their citrus-flavored beverages and sport drinks.

Vegetable oil — that doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, brominated vegetable oil was originally patented as a flame retardant. It is known to increase your risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as a wide range of other problematic symptoms. The worst part is, it's known to bioaccumulate in human tissue. Get into the habit of drinking more water and ditch these toxic products.