Truths About Diet Sodas You Need To Know

Diet sodas are a calorie and sugar free drink that has long been marketed as a means to losing weight. It has been said to prevent sugar related diseases such as diabetes. There are no calories in diet soda but there are also no significant health benefits to the drink. In fact, it’s been found through a variety of studies that diet soda can have health risks associated with it.

Diet cola
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7. Diet Soda and Diabetes

Diabetes is associated with obesity and sugar. It was thought that a calorie/sugar free soda would help against diabetes but this has never been founded. A study that included over 6,000 participants from the ages of 45-85 showed that drinking a diet soda every day increased the risk by 67% of getting type II diabetes.

It is especially risky for women to drink diet soda regularly with each daily serving increasing the possibility of getting diabetes by 6%.

6. Diet Soda Can Cause Depression

Studies show that diet soda puts you at risk of becoming depressed. Statistically, adults that drink diet soda are 30% more likely to get depression. Normal soda is also a contributor to depression but diet soda along with fruit punches puts you at great risk.

5 Ineffective for Weight Loss

The main reason diet soda became so popular in the first place was based on the idea that you would lose weight. Statistically, it doesn’t work as most people have never lost weight when they switched from normal soda to diet soda. It can even put you at risk of gaining weight in some cases due to the artificial sweeteners. They can actually increase your appetite, making you eat more. This is in comparison to the effects sugar has on your appetite which is no effect at all.

4. The Body Reacts Badly

A diet soda mixed with hard liquor can make you drunk more quickly compared to other beverages. Studies showed that cocktails mixed with diet soda held a greater alcohol concentration. Experts explain that the bloodstream absorbs artificial sweeteners faster than they do sugar.

The body can become confused when you consume too many artificial sweeteners due to the intense flavor that comes with it. You can become desensitized to the taste of naturally sweet foods such as fruit. Artificial sweeteners will also trigger insulin which makes your body store fat.

3. Possible Weight Gain

A study conducted showed that diet soda drinkers had a 70% increase in their waistline compared to those who don’t drink diet soda. Within the same study, those who drank two or more diet sodas daily experienced a 500% increase in their waistline. Expert say that artificial sweeteners confusing the body is a factor but the psychological factor is equally as important. Those who know they’re not consuming calories through beverages are more likely to justify eating unhealthy foods.

2. Can Cause Headaches

Studies on aspartame have suggested that it has an adverse effect in some people, giving them headaches. Some will even suffer from migraines which stop once they cut diet soda out of their life.

1. Can Lead to Tooth Decay

When you drink too much diet soda, you risk having major dental problems. A dentistry journal did research against the effects of cocaine and methamphetamine and found that diet soda has the same level of erosion. The studies stated that the diet soda drinker was consuming the beverage daily. The reason diet soda is so bad for your teeth is due to the citric acid which destroys tooth enamel.