9 Edible Insects

Across the globe, eating insects is seen as commonplace or even a rare delicacy, while in other parts of the world, eating insects is seen as completely distasteful. Knowing which insects can be eaten is valuable knowledge for any survival situation or if you would like to be a little adventurous in your eating habits. It is also possible to buy a great variety of edible insects that are prepackaged and ready for consumption.

9. Ants

Ants in the Kitchen
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Various types of ants can be eaten, such as carpenter ants, leaf-cutter ants, lemon ants, and honeypot ants. Each will have its own flavor, however, when an ant feels threatened it will release an acid which gives them a sour or vinegary flavor. Typically, ants are best eaten roasted with salt or lightly seared and eaten like popcorn.

To completely expel the vinegary taste of the ants, they are boiled in a shallow pan, but in an emergency situation they can be eaten raw. Ants are normally eaten at feasts as a celebration food and are also produced by some manufacturers in a chocolate covered form.