Basic Guidelines To Eating Clean

Clean eating is a popular movement in the modern diet world. However, a clean eating diet is not focused on calorie-counting, strict eating guidelines, or a point system. It is an eating philosophy that focuses on consuming minimally-processed foods and emphasizes a plant-based diet. For the clean-eater, food is primarily about nourishment, not reward or entertainment. The reward of this diet is the health benefits that come from nourishing food like lower body fat and increased energy. This does not mean the food consumed should be bland or unappealing. It may take a little more preparation, but clean foods can be spicy, flavorful, and extremely enjoyable.

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Eat Smaller Meals


One of the causes of the current obesity epidemic is the fact portion sizes have increased over the years. Individuals also have the problem that they will decide when they are finished based on an empty plate rather than the physical feeling of satiation. In the clean eating movement, individuals benefit from intentionally eat smaller meals. The goal is to eat until satisfied and not until stuffed. One strategy to accomplish this is to serve food on smaller plates. Individuals will eat less naturally because there is less room on the plate. Another common strategy individuals use when trying to eat clean is to slow down the rate of eating. For some individuals, this means counting the number of chews with each bite. Others accomplish this by setting down their utensils between bites. Eating smaller meals not only benefits weight, but also makes transitioning to eating clean easier, since this can mean less preparation

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HealthPrep Staff