Best Back Workouts For Back Pain

Lower back pain, also known as lumbago or spondylosis, is a common chronic pain for adults all over the world. The back acts as the body’s structural center and poor posture due to a prevailing sedentary lifestyle can cause interference with this stamina. Lifting heavy weights repeatedly or making sudden movements can also cause an individual's back to start hurting. When someone is experiencing back pain, additional symptoms they may notice include muscle aches and pain that flows down the leg or improves when they recline.

No matter the cause of back pain one thing is universal; everyone suffering from it wants to reduce or eliminate it. Thankfully, there is a suite of exercises sufferers can use to get some relief. Performing back exercises increases an individual's level of activity, which in turn increases the endorphins in the body, improving pain sensitivity. Here are a few workouts to try out to reduce back pain now.

Spine Stretches


Stretching is a great way to relieve back pain since it is aimed at relaxing the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, spinal circulation improves, and that leads to the nourishment of the spine itself. Spine stretches help individuals reduce back pain by elongating the muscles behind the spine, which then leads to their relaxation when the individual returns to a normal position. Spine stretches will also impact calf muscles and hamstrings, which helps improve range of motion on top of eliminating back pain. To perform a spine stretch, sit on the floor and place your feet to be wider than your hips. Bring your head forward, then start to bend forward as you hinge at the hip all the while drawing your chin into your neck. Remember to breathe normally and do not stretch your hands beyond your toes. If you feel a pulling sensation in your spinal ligaments and back, you’re doing it wrong. Perform spine stretches several times in the day, especially after work.

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HealthPrep Staff