Delicious Foods You Would Never Guess Were Vegan

It is a myth that people on a vegan diet have to give up all of their favorite snacks and treats. In fact, there are many everyday items that appear on today’s market shelves that are completely vegan. Because of this, becoming a vegan does not mean giving up the foods that people enjoy as treats. In addition, some of these foods mimic dairy or meat products. This means that they can be great for those transitioning from other diets.

Often people avoid some of these vegan items because it is an assumption that all baked goods contain eggs and dairy. Familiarizing oneself with these and other vegan items can give the person a multitude of choices associated with this lifestyle change.



The eyes do not deceive because Oreo cookies are an absolutely delicious vegan treat. Anyone would assume that some animal byproducts such as dairy or eggs would be used in the creation of one of America’s most iconic treats, but Oreos entire ingredient list is made from vegetable derivatives, including the creamy center. This means that the treat can still be enjoyed by anyone on a vegan diet. Remember, Oreos also have a double-stuffed version.

So keep discussing which way is the best way to eat an Oreo and continue reading to learn about some other vegan snacks and treats.