Evaluating The Potato Diet

As long as they're not fried or cover in things like melted cheese, potatoes are one of the most inexpensive and delicious sources of nutrition. Some have taken their love for potatoes to what might seem like an extreme: a diet consisting solely of potatoes. While some swear by it as a way to shed pounds quickly, others see it as a fad diet that's impractical even if it's only followed for a short amount of time. Evaluating the potato diet will help determine whether or not it's something individuals should consider pursuing. Before filling a grocery basket with potatoes, look over the ins and outs of the potato diet.

Basic Overview Of The Potato Diet


The potato diet consists of eating potatoes, only potatoes. This means they need to be unadulterated, free of things like sour cream or butter that might make an individual's mouth water but take away from the nutrition of the potatoes. One of the best parts about the potato diet is it's almost impossible to not understand, though it might be difficult to follow. If something is a potato, it is not allowed. However, eating only potatoes means individuals need to make sure they can accept they will have to put flavor on hold for a bit as they work through the potato diet. Even if an individual enjoys the taste of potatoes, most will likely agree they don't exactly have the most electrifying flavor profile.

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HealthPrep Staff