Evaluating The Potato Diet

Diet Rules And Guidelines


The potato diet is not a permanent lifestyle change. It only lasts for three to five days and requires one to be as intentional as possible. Some versions of the diet only permit white potatoes, but others allow additional varieties like red potatoes, russet potatoes, and even sweet potatoes. Typically, individuals must consume between two to five pounds of potatoes every day while on the diet. Individuals also need to stay away from adding things like condiments to them. Some say salt is okay, but it needs to be done in moderation, as making the sodium levels of the potatoes too high could negate some of the health benefits most individuals on this diet are hoping to achieve.

On the potato diet, individuals are only allowed to drink water, black coffee, or tea without any additions like milk or honey. Most who follow the diet are told to stick to walking and light exercise. Medications and supplements prescribed by a physician are allowed.

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