Exercises To Fix An Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior pelvic tilt is a posture issue many individuals can have without even being aware of it. This condition occurs when the back and quadriceps are too tight and the abdominal and gluteus muscles are too loose. The result is the pelvis tips forward, causing a swaybacked posture where the belly and rear stick out. Anterior pelvic tilt is more than just an aesthetic issue. It puts a lot of pressure on the lower spine, so individuals are likely to get back aches from standing for too long. Solving anterior pelvic tilt mostly focuses on strengthening the overly loose muscles while stretching out the too tight ones. Get to know the best exercises to fix an anterior pelvic tilt now.

Quadriceps Stretch On The Knees


A quadriceps stretch on the knees is mostly designed to deal with the issue of overly tight quadriceps. The quadriceps are a group of muscles that run along the top of the thighs. They are contracted when individuals are seated, so the modern lifestyle of a lot of sedentary activities leads to quadriceps constantly bunched up too tight. This leads to posture problems because the quadriceps pull down on the top of the pelvis, tipping it farther forward. A good way of stretching out quadriceps is with a kneeling stretch. Start by kneeling on the ground in an upright position. Bring one leg forward so it is bent at a ninety-degree angle with the foot flat on the ground. Lean gently forward by bending the front leg while keeping the back calf flat on the ground and tucking the pelvis in. Hold for about thirty seconds to get the best benefit, then switch to the other side. Individuals can feel this stretch deep throughout their quadriceps.

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