Amazing Foods That Detox The Body

June 10, 2024

Taking care of ailments is something everybody should do, and it consists of much more than simple dieting. Keeping the body free of toxins is extremely important, and surprisingly easy to do once you know what exactly helps your liver process everything inside your body, and as a result, helps you lead a happier, more carefree life.

Green Tea

Yes, we all know this one. Whether it screams Detox from the menu page or goes by the tamer name of simply green tea, this wonderfully relaxing drink is brimming with powerful antioxidants that will purify your organism. And if you want to say you don’t have the time to sit down in fancy tea shops – don’t. Green tea is everywhere lately, including vending machines. So just make an effort and grab one of them instead of the can of soda that you were aiming for.


Either go with the more exotic version of grapefruit or grab the nearest lemonade – anything citric makes your liver burn up fat in turbo mode. It flushes out the toxins while also packing an energy punch, and it is maybe the fastest you can obtain. Just squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and this alone gets your digestive system ready for the day ahead. Some other citrus fruits include oranges, limes, tangerines, clementines, kumquats, and pomelos.

Onion And Garlic

If you’re one of the secret fans of those two smelly herbs but dread eating them because the aroma tends to stick, you’re in luck. What is special about them as detox aliments is that they help immunity as a whole, not only the digestive tract. And what other food does that while also adding that wonderful taste to a plate that is otherwise completely bland? Cook with more garlic and onions and continue detoxing the liver.

Keep reading to find out what food from the sea is amazing at detoxing.


Time to hit that new Sushi restaurant at the corner! Seaweed can help cleanse your body of lead, cadmium and the radioactive chemical strontium, while pumping you full of iodine, which is a natural metabolism-booster. It does sound like a strange challenge that you’re better off without, but it gives you great health benefits while also making you more culinary adventurous. Seaweed is very salty, like a mouthful of saltwater. However, many people love the taste of it. Try it dried, try seaweed crackers, or even try it in a salad.

Olive Oil

Whether it is on some Italian bruschetta paired with basil leaves (another great detox food) or just everyday salad dressing, olive oil is among the best kinds of fat you could possibly consume. It helps the liver expel the toxins inside to the level of even getting you rid of gallstones! And it is said to make your skin smoother. Just take care not to use it at high temperatures. Be sure to purchase extra virgin olive oils, as they are the healthiest to cook with.


Even if you’re not too much into the green variety of foods (most of us aren’t; maybe they’re still haunting us from our childhood meals) you can’t deny the amazing benefits of asparagus. Not only does it do the detox job, but it also prevents aging, helps your heart and protects against cancer. So do make sure to add it as a side, or perhaps turn it into a delicious green sauce, and get ready to reap the benefits. Don't be scared of the strange scent of urine that can be acquired after eating a lot of asparagus. It is quite common, as some people do not contain the gene necessary for breaking down the aroma of asparagus while it is digesting.

Goji Berries

We all know that nuts and raisins and all kinds of dried fruit are good for you, but if you want to change things up a bit – if you’re bored with the innumerable nuances of brown in small packages, try something red. These cheerful-looking berries are great for you. Full of nutrients and vitamins, they help with liver performance and detoxification, while also helping you retain more vitamins in the long run. Goji berries are also said to boost the immune system, aid in weight loss, increase testosterone levels, and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


This highly-respectable aliment has found yet another way to keep us healthy and beautiful. After removing that amazing avocado mask from your face, get this Mexican gift onto the table – and I do not mean just add a bit of guacamole. Eat it in salads, sandwiches or by itself and you are guaranteed satisfaction, olfactive as well as medical. Some of the other benefits of avocados is that they are loaded in vitamins and minerals and actually contain more potassium than bananas, they're loaded in monounsaturated fats which are incredibly healthy, as well as fiber.

So spread some avocado on your toast and keep reading to find out which spice will help detox your liver.


Finally, the sweets! If you are worried about what you get inside your body but still crave some dessert, go for something cinnamon-flavored. This spice raises your metabolism and loads of additional benefits, as it is rich in iron, calcium and manganese. And who can say anything against that sugary taste like a mouthful of autumn? Mm…Add more cinnamon to the diet for the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, to protect heart health, and lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.


I’ve left the craziest for the end. Look out the window. Those bright yellow flowers that have filled your garden by their own accord are actually amazing for your health. Dandelion root is great for helping your liver in daily business and has actually been a solution to liver problems for hundreds of years. Well, if the method’s been around so long, it must be good for something, so feel free to go a bit medieval.

And not to forget… one thing that is always at hand, and that detoxifies your body like no other… WATER! Drink lots of water!

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