The Best Foods To Reduce Stomach Bloat

Cramping, excessive gas, and sharp pains in the abdomen can all be symptoms a patient endures when suffering from stomach bloat. Stomach bloat occurs when gas fails to leave the body either through flatulence or belching, but instead builds up inside of the intestines or stomach and results in mild to severe bloating. Many doctors believe bloating is related to stress levels, gastrointestinal issues, smoking, and processed foods. Fatty foods, such as hamburgers, fried chicken, and desserts, often contain saturated and trans fats, which may increase the full feeling a patient may experience. However, this delays the natural emptying process of the digestive system. 

Discover the variety of foods, spices, and drinks that can help reduce and eliminate stomach bloat and provide relief for an upset tummy now!

The Natural Healer: Water

Although most individuals believe water retention in the body is the main culprit for stomach bloat, studies show drinking water and increasing hydration levels in the body can actually eliminate stomach bloat and aid in digestion. However, to truly help the digestive tract, try adding lemon or cucumber to water for an extra boost with gestational aid. Lemon is considered a natural diuretic, meaning it helps the body flush out toxins through urination, and a gentle laxative when added to warm water. Lemon in water also helps to reduce the amount of salt retained in the body, which could be the cause of stomach bloat in some individuals. Cucumber is another wonderful water-based vegetable that helps the body flush out the extra salt content it may be retaining. Cucumbers are made up of ninety-six percent water, which aids with digestion, hydration, and getting rid of the uncomfortable bloated feeling many patients experience.

Coconut water is another type of water that is miraculous and delicious in its own right. The potassium content in coconut water is what truly helps to regulate electrolyte levels and keep the body hydrated, as well as de-bloat the stomach and flush out toxins within the body. For instance, one cup of coconut water has six-hundred milligrams of potassium compared to a banana’s four hundred-twenty two milligrams, making it a superb choice to eliminate stomach bloat. 

Let’s discover what ancient root can help the body debloat next.