How To Get Fitness Back On Track

There are times when we come to the proverbial 'crossroads' in our journey. Making the commitment to revive a languishing fitness program by re-embarking on the road to physical fitness is one such opportunity. No matter what has happened before, whether your fitness journey was a huge success and you gradually let things slip, or you truly struggled to make gains in working toward meeting your fitness goals, it is never too late to renew your commitment to fitness and begin again by taking steps in the right direction. The day that matters is today! Today, you have the wonderful opportunity to make choices that can lead you forward into the most incredible and fulfilling journey of your life. Without further delay, here are essential tips to help get fitness journeys back on track.

Use Outside Accountability


Many a person with great fitness aspirations and the best of intentions has made the mistake of beginning their fitness journey alone. And while their enthusiasm is admirable and has perhaps even kept them motivated for a time, the simple fact is it's challenging to sustain motivation over the long haul without some form of accountability in the form of at least one other person. Think of personal fitness as a long-term commitment. Not a five or even ten-year commitment, we are talking about a lifetime of vibrant fitness. Such a lofty commitment is very noble, but also very challenging. It will require support to keep you motivated on those cold winter mornings when you would much rather stay in bed, pull the blankets over your head, and go back to sleep. Options to use outside accountability can be tailored to your personality and may include hiring a personal trainer or life coach, having a workout partner, or simply having someone to whom you report results.

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HealthPrep Staff