Get Jacked With The Workouts Of These WWE Superstars

Training like a professional wrestler requires some serious gym time and paying close attention to your diet. These wrestlers train twice a day several times a week and even get up as early as three in the morning to hit the treadmill. Each wrestler has his preferred technique from CrossFit to fight training. Want to begin building more muscle and strength? Then take a look at what your favorite WWE star does to stay jacked and in beast mode.

Vince McMahon


Although Mr. McMahon is no longer a WWE wrestler, he still trains like one. The two-time world champion competed into the later years of his life, so his workouts had to be intense enough to keep up with the younger guys. Depending on his work schedule, he trains four days per week and aims to work each body part once. His workouts alternate between heavy and not-so-heavy, and he trains his abs twice a week.