Get Jacked With These Wrestler Diets

Ever wondered what professional wrestlers eat daily to make them look like superheroes? The short answer is lots and lots of lean protein, good fats, vegetables, and a smaller portion of unrefined carbohydrates with little of anything else. In addition to eating the right foods, eating enough food is another important dietary goal for most wrestlers. Here is what your favorite professional wrestlers eat daily to become strong enough to throw other grown men around like rag dolls.

Randy Orton


If you want to look like Randy Orton, you will need to avoid junk food and take in around two hundred and fifty grams of high-quality protein each day. His go-to protein sources are egg whites, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, sushi, and protein powder. His choices of carbohydrates are brown rice, potatoes, pancakes and oatmeal, but he avoids eating these late at night. When he needs the occasional sweet treat, he goes for ice cream.