Health Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet

Claims To Regulate Blood Sugar


Most everyone grew up with the stern admonition to eat their vegetables. Conventional wisdom and food pyramids make fruits, veggies, and grains foundational while advocating limited meat intake (and lean cuts, at that). The carnivore diet not only upends this scheme, but it also eliminates almost every food derived from a plant source. More than a low-carb diet, this diet relies exclusively on animal fat and protein. While this eating regimen has not yet received the scientific attention it is due, anecdotal evidence indicates glucose levels stabilize as carnivorous eating takes hold. Informative websites promoting the all-meat eating plan bear numerous, enthusiastic testimonies from insulin-resistant patients who finally assumed control over volatile blood sugar readings. Of course, there is abundant research demonstrating even moderate carbohydrate restrictions will benefit unstable blood sugar. As an essentially zero-carb diet, however, the carnivore diet can address even the most stubborn insulin resistance that elevates glucose. Its claims to regulate blood sugar have substance and validity, and deserve an objective analysis.

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