Health Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet

May Help With Mood


Many who have adopted a meat-only diet report significant improvement in their emotions and cognitive function, bolstering claims that this way of eating may help with mood. A twenty-something Canadian, Mikhail Peterson, overcame severe depression and anxiety (not to mention lifelong rheumatoid arthritis) after being on the diet. Psychiatrist Georgia Ede, while recognizing the individual nature of dieting and physiology, reports vast improvements in sleep, mood, and mental focus for herself and several carnivorous patients. She further argues the presence of carbohydrates in the diet leads to glucose peaks and valleys, the latter instigating the release of stress hormones. According to research, these hormones, cortisol, for example, are present in surplus, a host of mental problems can follow, including depression, anxiety, memory and concentration disruption. The greater an individual’s sensitivity to carbs, the more likely a zero-carb plan is optimal in addressing the underlying cause of these conditions. Even critics of the carnivore diet acknowledge an undeniable connection between nutritional intake and emotional (as well as intellectual) wellness.

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