Health Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet

Low-Residue Diet


Residue refers to undigested foods and its primary representative is fiber. So, a low-residue diet is a low-fiber eating plan. It is sometimes prescribed by physicians to improve irritable bowel disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Diarrhea and stomach cramps are also subject to improvement through low-residue eating. Since the carnivore diet is fiber-free, it can well be classified as low-residue. However, the two are not identical. Low-residue allows many high-sugar and high-carbohydrate foods (all from plant sources) as long as they are peeled or otherwise reduced in their fiber content. Even grains are allowed, provided they are highly refined. These are the sorts of foods carnivorous dieters would most often avoid. Aside from coffee, tea or a few no-carb condiments, carnivores eschew these edible materials lest their healthy gains be rolled back or otherwise rendered void.

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