Health Benefits Of Cassava

Cassava flour is derived from a tropical root vegetable that offers many health benefits when prepared and used properly. Not only does it make an equally delicious alternative to all-purpose flour, but cassava also has many other benefits many individuals have not heard of. Cassava is grown in Indonesia, Thailand, and Brazil, but can be found at most specialty health food stores. Check out these reasons to go pick up some cassava right now and start reaping the amazing health benefits!

Benefits Those With Food Allergies

Rush University Medical Center

Previously, individuals with gluten or wheat allergies simply had to miss out on their favorite foods like pizza, bread, cakes, and crackers. Alternatives to wheat have become increasingly popular among individuals with and without food allergies as a healthy way to create their favorite foods. Cassava can be made into flour as an alternative to white flour, giving individuals the ability to create healthier versions of the foods they love. It benefits individuals with food allergies by serving as a gluten-free option to cook and bake with. Thanks to cassava, food-sensitive individuals can enjoy the same foods as everyone else, while also enjoying the other health benefits cassava has to offer.

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