Health Benefits Of MCT Oil

MCT oil is a type of supplement often found in salad dressings, bulletproof coffee, and smoothies. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. The oil contains fats of medium-length chains that are easy to digest and have several related health benefits. The most common source of MCT oil is coconut oil, since over fifty percent of coconut oil fat can be sourced to MCTs. There are also naturally occurring medium-chain triglycerides in dairy products and palm oil. There are four types of medium-chain triglycerides, and the two most commonly found in MCT oil are capric and caprylic acid. These specific types sometimes confer benefits not found with other types of MCTs.

Individuals can gain several different health benefits from adding MCT oil to their diet.

Increase In Energy


Many individuals who ingest MCT oil supplements experience an increase in their overall energy. This is because the fats in the oil are an instant energy source the body uses right away, rather than storing the energy for later like with carbohydrates. In fact, many nutritionists refer to MCT oil as a 'super fuel.' This is because the body has an easier time processing and absorbing medium-chain fats than long-chain ones, since the long-chain fats have more carbon in the chemical makeup. The shorter chained MCTs travel from the stomach to the liver, and individuals don't need to produce bile to break them down. The liver breaks down the fats to store them or use them as fuel. Because MCTs enter the body and aren't broken down, they provide immediate energy, rather than being like other fats and carbohydrates individuals need to digest first. MCTs also convert to ketones in the liver when an individual adheres to a ketogenic diet. The ketones move through the blood-brain barrier and provide direct energy to the brain.

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Katherine MacAulay