The Health Benefits Of Spicy Food

For many individuals, spicy foods are a staple in their diets. Eating something spicy adds zest and excitement to a meal that might otherwise be lacking in flavor, or it can enhance an already delicious meal. However, even if you don't already enjoy spicy foods, it may be a good idea to start adding more spice. Recent research has found eating spicy foods actually helps the body function better in a number of ways. From helping individuals get in shape to staving off disease, foods rich in hearty spices can help boost health and improve quality of life. That burning sensation in your mouth might be worth tolerating when it means benefiting from these health benefits.

Burns Extra Calories


If you're trying to get in shape, adding chili peppers to your diet might be just the boost you need. A recent study divided a group of forty men and women in half. Twenty were given a placebo, while the other twenty were given a two-milligram capsule containing capsaicinoids, which are the compounds in chili peppers that give them spiciness. During testing, the researchers conducted metabolic testing on each participant ever hour over a three-hour time span. Participants who took the capsules filled with capsaicinoids burned 116 more calories than those who took the placebos. Researchers concluded capsaicinoids in chili peppers produce a thermogenic effect on the human metabolism, meaning the heat generated by the spice causes the body to generate its own heat in response, compelling the body to burn more calories. A 2011 study conducted at Purdue University supports these findings. That study found individuals burned more calories and felt full for longer after eating a red pepper. These studies suggest adding spicy foods to a diet burns extra calories faster.

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HealthPrep Staff