The Magnificent Health Benefits Of Squash

There are many different kinds of squash. From spaghetti to butternut to the renowned pumpkin itself, this gourd provides a numerous amount of health benefits. This fruit, though it is sometimes referred to as a vegetable, is often overlooked, but should not be, as it consists of many useful antioxidants and phytonutrients that can help protect the body from damage or the negative effects of stress. Cracking open a squash can sometimes be a daunting or embarrassing experience, but it doesn’t have to be! The easiest way to get into this gourd is by slicing off the ends. This will ensure you easily access the nutritious interior without wasting any of the precious golden treat inside! Many individuals choose to bake squash in the oven, but it may also be boiled, for those who prefer preparing it that way.

Get to know the various health benefits associated with squash now.

Boost Immunity


Squash is also jam-packed with more than the average daily recommended amounts of vitamin A. Squash actually gets its vitamin A from beta-carotene. When someone consumes squash, their body begins converting beta-carotene into active and useable vitamin A. The immune system relies on certain amounts of this vitamin for proper function and maintenance. This vitamin is essential and can also ward off some diseases such as certain cancers and heart disease. Vitamin A also boosts immunity by helping to prevent minor infections, coughs, and colds. Ultimately, vitamin A helps keep all these things in check by aiding the body with the reduction of inflammation. Squash also aids in immunity because it supplies another important vitamin: vitamin C. Vitamin C is also touted for its immune boosting abilities, and rightly so. Adequate levels of vitamin C are necessary for the body to function and to properly repair itself.

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