The Hottest Fad Diets That You Should Know About

It isn’t always easy to eat healthy and stay in shape. With summer creeping up on us, it is almost time for the winter-weighted masses to flood the search engines looking for the “fastest ways to lose 5 pounds.” While many people are looking for a way to burn some fat before throwing on a bikini or a pair of swim trunks, they should also take into account the effects these diets have on their overall health. Before you dive into crunching your macros or start living off of only potatoes, we’ve gathered five of the most popular fad diets in the world right now so you can find which one is your perfect fit. We gathered the run down on the Paleo Diet, Keto, DASH, and a few others worth examining. All you have to do is figure out which one would fit into your ideal healthy lifestyle.

The Paleo Diet


The Paleolithic diet claims to work with our genetics and is based on the foods that our ancestors would have eaten. In the Paleolithic era, people lived off the land; so, theoretically you can eat anything you could grow out of the ground or hunt. Though, you can eat as much of those things as you’d like, it is a restrictive diet depending primarily on meats, healthy fats, and vegetables. This diet is targeted as a dream if you’re a bacon lover. However, this diet is not a miracle fat melter. Many people will not find success with this diet if they are not at the same high activity level of the hunter-gatherer ancestors the diet is modeled after. Although, it high had some very impressive results, the weight loss is not guaranteed to stay off considering the degree of difficulty of painting this diet for a long period of time.